This Article will make you Send Better Work Emails


Sending work emails can be tricky. All your email correspondence in work can either build up or take away from your reputation. You see the emails you send are a reflection of you and if you’re sending disorganized emails then whoever reads them will think that you’re disorganized too. This might make it seem like there is a lot of pressure weighing down on you every time you press send but don’t worry we’re here to help.

These Tips will make you send better work emails

1. Introduce yourself correctly

Before you get started, you need to think about how well you know who you’re contacting. This will dictate how you should address them and how you should introduce yourself.

Bonus Point: You should have a professional signature that includes your name and job title, department, company and contact details.

2. Subject line is crucial

subject line

The subject line is the part of your email that is competing with all of the other emails that are sitting in your recipient’s inbox. You need to catch the recipient’s attention with relevant information and, if necessary, instill a sense of urgency. It is very important that your subject line is related to the contents of your message.

Bonus Point: If you’re only sending a short email with a single query why not put it in the subject line itself.

3. Keep your emails focused

Your emails should be short and to the point. Think about the purpose of the email you’re sending and how direct it needs to be. If you’re sending a complex email consider breaking it down into numbered points. You should also consider whether any of the points aren’t connected to the rest of the email and if so send them separately.



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