Here’s What Ant Financial’s Entry in Pakistan Will Mean for a Common Man!

Pakistan’s economic situation has become better over the past decade with the country’s GDP hitting $304 billion in 2017, up from $170 billion in 2008.


While these development patterns are in accordance with provincial markets — well, hardly lower than neighboring China and India — the span of Pakistan’s GDP is very inconsequential when you contrast it and its potential.

An extensive variety of parts, including the bungalow business, web based business, independent, little and medium-sized, flourished amid the previous 10 years with no help from monetary organizations.

Envision a consultant who can not open a financial balance. Picture a lady from a far-flung residential community doing incomparable weaving work who has not possessed the capacity to get installments from worldwide purchasers as she has no entrance to an installment framework.

This is going to change now!

And the reason is yesterday’s historic deal between Ant Financial and Telenor Bank.

What is Ant Financial?

For reference, Ant Financial — the organization behind AliPay and a subsidiary of AliBaba Group — is the world’s biggest, most profitable fintech organization and specifically rivals PayPal.

Esteemed at around $80 billion, Ant Financial offers a variety of money related administrations extending from shared installments, online installments, disconnected installments at stores, advances, riches administration and credit scoring.

To enable you to comprehend, AliBaba would never be as large as it is today without AliPay — which was the name of Ant Financial before its rebranding in 2014. The need emerged because of the doubt universal purchasers had of the Chinese sellers. They would not like to pay before getting the merchandise and likewise, Chinese makers would not like to send items before they were paid for the products.

AliPay emerged out of this gridlock and it reacted by presenting an Escrow benefit that settled the issue. The rest, as it’s been said, is history.

AliPay additionally helped AliBaba by offering little scale short and medium-term advances to AliBaba sellers in view of their history, helping elevate the Chinese house industry.

Because of Ant Financial, here’s the way trade is presently executed out China:

All your funds are stored in a mobile wallet through which you can

  • Pay at any store by scanning a QR code, entering the amount, and pressing the pay button
  • Pay a taxi or utility bills
  • Make online payments
  • Lend money to someone in real time

All without involving any cash at all. And more importantly, there are no transaction charges on the transfers for majority of the payments.

What to Expect?

Now imagine Easypaisa offering similar services to Pakistanis. Here’s what you can expect in the coming months:

  • Make payments by just scanning a code (through your smartphone camera)
  • Make payments to Careem and Uber directly from your mobile wallet
  • Pay utility bills by scanning a code on the bill
  • Pay your friend by scanning a QR code on his mobile device
  • Accept payments (through credit cards) on your website
  • Request for small loans with a processing time of just a few seconds
  • Get greater returns on your funds stored in the mobile wallet — as they will be invested in stocks, companies and startups on your behalf
  • Get insurance for yourself and other products from within an app
  • And so much more, all without having a single physical currency note in your pocket!

While the integrations may take some time, the roll-outs are expected to begin in 2018.


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