Over nine children abused daily in Pakistan last year: report


Over nine children abused daily in Pakistan last year:

Over nine children abused daily in Pakistan last year: reportchildren: One of the significant crime categories of those reported cases, abduction has been the very typical with 1,039 instances.

Over nine children abused daily in Pakistan last year: report

Of the total cases reported, figures revealed that 2,077 were girls who is 60 percent of their total reported instances while 1,368 boys had been reported abused (40 percent).

It found that of the reported cases, 29 percent have been reported in closed areas and 15 percent in open areas while 1,790 instances didn’t mention the area of misuse.

Boost in cases of murder following sexual abuse
A gender analysis indicates that 58 percent women and 42 percent boys are murdered after sexual abuse in 2017.”

What’s more, the instances of murder following abduction and sexual abuse also improved compared to previous year.

Abduction and rape-murder cases rose in seven instances in 2016 to 15 instances in 2017.

More kids between 11-15 years mistreated
The information revealed one of the reported cases, 640 kids were at the age bracket 6-10 decades and 961 kids were between the age brackets of 11-15 decades.

Maximum number of instances reported in Punjab
The provincial split statistics demonstrated that 63 percent of those cases were reported from Punjab, 27 percent from Sindh, four percent from Balochistan, three percent from Islamabad and 2 percent from KP whereas 12 cases were reported AJK and three instances from GB.

Talking to Geo.tv, Programme Officer in Sahil Sohail Ahmed stated, “The reason Punjab has the maximum number of cases reported is because it’s a greater population compared to other states as well as the media policy in addition to accessibility to media or authorities is greater over there.”

Ahmed also included that the amount of instances of abuse is a lot greater than what is reported. “Many individuals do not report instances of abuse since there’s pressure from families and society think that the issue should remain between them and maintained hush-hush so individuals do not find out.”

“Along with this, occasionally media does not cover social issues since they keep focusing on political issues,” he added.

Of the total reported cases, 76 percent were from rural locations and 24 percent from urban places. One of them, 72 percent cases were registered with the authorities. Whereas in 99 cases the authorities refused to register the scenario, 44 cases were inoculated together with law enforcement and the enrollment status of 797 instances wasn’t cited in papers, the report said.

81 percent of abduction cases were women
One of 1,229 instances of documented instances of abduction at 2017, 81 percent victims were women and 19 percent were boys.

Child union
Total 143 instances of child marriages were reported in 2017 with 89 percent women and 11 percent boys.

Vast majority of the cases were reported out of Sindh (63 percent) followed by Punjab (32 percent). Five cases were from KP and 2 cases were reported out of AJK.

Of the child unions, 83% cases were reported in rural areas and 17 percent from urban locations.

The group comprises figures on gangs included in most 3,445 cases barring 143 cases of child marriage.

The report further emphasize that 43 percent of people were acquaintances.

Acquaintance with stranger has been the 2nd highest on the list of perpetrators with 18 percent of cases reported.

The report also noted that this season there was a decrease of 36 percent in instances reported of attack by strangers. “That is a substantial change that might be credited to a higher degree of awareness of this community contributed to the kids to be conscious of stranger’s interaction,” the report stated.

“Hundreds of cases are reported but just few victim households came ahead for justice. The abusers kidnap children, use medication, made movies, sexually abuse and also killed them,” she explained. Bano added that commercial sexual abuse of children and trafficking has become a million dollar industry worldwide.


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