Now, spying on spouse’s phone can put you behind bars in Saudi Arabia


Now, spying on spouse’s phone can put you behind bars in Saudi Arabia:

Now, spying on spouse's phone can put you behind bars in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia: Dubai: Spying in your partner’s telephone in Saudi Arabia now carries a hefty fine and up to a year in prison, under a new law which intends to “protect morals of society and individuals and safeguard privacy”.

The punishment could apply to both women and men from the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom, according to a statement from the ministry of culture.

However, it might often safeguard husbands from their wives.

As in a number of different areas of the Muslim world, Saudi legislation on divorce, motivated by scripture, frequently need wives seeking alimony to offer proof of abuse or sexual promiscuity. A husband’s telephone may be a rich source of such proof.

Called the Anti-Cybercrime Law, the step makes “spying, interception or reception of information transmitted via a data network or a computer without any valid authorization” an offense.

“Social networking has led to a steady growth in cybercrimes such as blackmail, embezzlement and defamation, and of course hacking of balances”, the ministry stated.

A similar legislation on the books in the neighbouring United Arab Emirates also bars the clinic, carrying a minimal three-month prison sentence along with 3,000 dirham ($817) fine.

The oil-rich and tech-obsessed nations are among the most enthusiastic social networking users on earth, but traditional principles remain ascendant, even in courts.


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