Pakistan won war against terrorism, while rest of the world failed: PM


Pakistan won war against terrorism, while rest of the world failed:
Pakistan won war against terrorism, while rest of the world failed: PM

war : Tell me the title of some other nation which sent 20,000 soldiers to fight terrorists,” he commented while covering the closing ceremony of International Counter-Terrorism Forum at Islamabad.

The PM shared the the Army Public School episode turned into a turning point and the whole nation resolved to create a new way to counter terrorism. “The country stood united in the battle against terrorism”

Radical activities were needed to root out the menace of terrorism, ” he added. “If you examine the polling stations, the people of Pakistan have consistently resisted radicalisation.”

We’ve countered extremism by creating a public position on terrorism, ” he explained.

On connections with Afghanistan, the highest shared “nobody desires peace in Afghanistan over people.” But he commented that the way forward is through conversation rather than warfare.

“War won’t provide peace in Afghantion.

The premier negated the promises of terrorist sanctuaries functioning in Pakistan. “we don’t feel there are terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan.

On the dilemma of occupied Kashmir, ” PM Abbasi shared the the IoK issue is only going to be solved through the implementation of UN Security Council resolution.

“The global community must take what’s going in Kashmir, atrocities are being perpetrated, human rights are being broken.

He also added, “We are firm in our resolve to guarantee nation’s economic advancement.”

Must work towards sustainable growth: Asif

Before, while talking at precisely the exact same seminar, Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif had commented it’s the demand of the hour to work towards sustainable growth.

The foreign minister said that Pakistan’s success against the menace of terrorism is assisting the nation realise it is vision of democracy.

He commented that the entire country stands united in the battle against terrorism.

Asif said Pakistan was a significant victim of terrorism. Terrorists are attempting to undermine our sovereignty and no other nation can ignore strikes on its own territorial integrity, ” he added.

Khawaja Muhammad Asif stated our forces have provided unprecedented sacrifices to defend the motherland and they’re all set to provide more sacrifices to the nation. He said the country has an unwavering resolve to get rid of terrorism.

He claimed that democracy is vital for the nation. “Democracy gives us freedom of expression in addition to economic and social rights,” he explained, adding it’s the democratic system that resulted in the drafting of Constitution.




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