PM to address meeting in Muzaffarabad on atrocities in held Kashmir


PM to address meeting in Muzaffarabad on atrocities in held Kashmir:

PM to address meeting in Muzaffarabad on atrocities in held Kashmir
Muzaffarabad: FAISALABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will address the breach of individual rights held Kashmir in a joint meeting of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council and legislative meeting in Muzaffarabad today.

The Pakistani premier attained Muzaffarabad earlier in the afternoon, and Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif will issue a notification.

Before, Abbasi called a special meeting of the national cabinet that examined the present situation arising out of the current Indian brutalities and killings at Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

The cabinet, in its own supported settlement, strongly condemned the barbarous and discriminatory use of force from the Indian occupation forces. It chose to send exceptional envoys to chosen capitals to emphasize the deteriorating scenario in IoK.

The national cabinet emphatically condemned the suspension of communication solutions, particularly the net from the valley, also underscored that such reprehensible efforts targeted at silencing the voice of the Kashmiris from hitting the global community would not triumph.

The meeting condemned the draconian legislation, such as Prevention of Terrorism Act, Terrorist and Disruption Tasks, Public Safety Act and Armed Forces Special Powers Act enforced by India at IoK. It further emphasized the threatening situation in occupied Kashmir and the Indian escalation in the Working Boundary and the Line of Control is a flashpoint and a threat to regional peace and tranquility.

In addition, it reiterated that the prime minister’s petition to the UN secretary general to appoint a special envoy for Jammu and Kashmir, with a mandate flowing out of the unimplemented UN Security Council resolutions.

The cabinet announced April 6, 2018, as Kashmir Solidarity Day, in support of their Kashmiri brothers and sisters from Indian brutalities.


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